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Education to
License Massage Therapist (LMT)

Become a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in Hawaiʻi

The training will prepare you for personal self care, family nurturing and community relationship. Which can be the foundation for a future career as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

LauAʻo offers a unique education which includes the requirements for the Hawaiʻi state massage exam. The education consists of two (2) parts, 150 hours Theory/ Demonstration and 420 hours Apprenticeship.


Lomilomi massage is integrative of Hawaiian culture and Hawaiian lifestyle which prepares you to service yourself, your family and your community.

Part 1 

This part of the training includes:

50 hours

​Anatomy, Physiology, and structural Kinesiology 

100 hours

  • ​The proper procedure in massaging (concerning the protection of both client and massage therapist) 

  • Record keeping 

  • Hygiene

  • Theory

  • Technique for specific conditions 

  • Contraindications of massage for specific techniques according to conditions 

  • Draping

  • Assessment of the client’s condition and the general technique to be applied. ​


Next Co-hort:

June 5 to July 21, 2023 Summer Co-hort

Please contact us for the detailed schedule.

150 hours / $2,200 (incl. Tax / ABMP liability insurance and exam coach)

$200 off if paid in full

Payment plans available


Part 2

This part of the training can be started after completing Part 1 and receiving the approval for an apprenticeship by the State of Hawaii. 

The course of study for the 6 to 12 months of apprenticeship training program with a minimum of 420 hours includes the following: 

310 hours Hands-on; supervised massage with record keeping 

70 hours Clinical operations (sanitation, office procedures and record keeping)

40 hours Advanced techniques

Duration: of the apprenticeship

6 to 12 months

$2,500 (incl. Tax)

Payment plans available

Program inclusion

Lomilomi massage integrative style of Hawaiian lifestyle and Hawaiian culture to prepare you to service yourself, your family and your community.

We chose ABMP as partner to support our students in their studies and to offer liability insurance during the training.
  • ABMP Exam Coach and Test Preparation

  • ABMP Five-Minute Muscles (covering 83 muscles)

  • Free Student ABMP Membership

  • Free Student liability insurance during training and apprenticeship

After successfully completing the Hawaiian licensing exam, students receive one year of ABMP Certified membership with liability insurance in the value of $199 for FREE!

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