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Education to
License Massage Therapist (LMT)

Massageschool Big Island
Become a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in Hawaiʻi

The training will prepare you for personal self care, family nurturing and community relationship. Which can be the foundation for a future career as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Lomilomi is integrative of Hawaiian culture and Hawaiian lifestyle which prepares you to service yourself, your family and your community. LauAʻo offers a unique education with a holistic approach to this Hawaiian Healing Art which includes the requirements for the Hawaiʻi state massage exam.


The training consists of two (2) parts, 150 hours Theory / Demonstration and 420 hours Apprenticeship.


Part 1 

This part of the training includes:

50 hours

​Anatomy, Physiology, and structural Kinesiology 

100 hours

  • ​The proper procedure in massaging (concerning the protection of both client and massage therapist) 

  • Record keeping 

  • Hygiene

  • Theory

  • Technique for specific conditions 

  • Contraindications of massage for specific techniques according to conditions 

  • Draping

  • Assessment of the client’s condition and the general technique to be applied. ​

Spring cohort starts March 18, 2024Please contact us for detailed schedule.


155 hours / $2,200  (excl. Tax) Payment plans available


(incl. ABMP liability insurance and

Books: Trail Guide to the Body, Trail Guide to Movement)

Licensed Massage Therapist Hawaiʻi
Part 2

This part of the training can be started after completing Part 1 and receiving the approval for an apprenticeship by the State of Hawaii. 

The course of study for the 6 to 12 months of apprenticeship training program with a minimum of 420 hours includes the following: 

310 hours Hands-on; supervised massage with record keeping 

70 hours Clinical operations (sanitation, office procedures and record keeping)

40 hours Advanced techniques

Duration: of the apprenticeship

6 to 12 months


$2,500 (excl. Tax)

Payment plans available

The training can only be started if committing to Part 1 and Part 2.

Lomilomi Massageschool
Program includes
We chose ABMP as partner to support our students in their studies and to offer liability insurance during the training.
  • ABMP Exam Coach and Test Preparation

  • ABMP Five-Minute Muscles (covering 83 muscles)

  • Free Student ABMP Membership

  • Free Student liability insurance during training and apprenticeship

After successfully completing the Hawaiian licensing exam, students receive one year of ABMP Certified membership with liability insurance in the value of $199 for FREE!

LauLāʻau Massageschool Big Island
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